Jack the Ripper: From London to Hell (The True Story of Jack the Ripper) (Historical Biographies of Famous People)

Written by Alexander Kennedy

He was his era’s most wanted man, leaving behind him a string of mutilated victims that terrified the world. Yet despite a wealth of tantalizing evidence—eyewitnesses who saw him with his victims, his taunting letters to police, and forensic evidence gathered from the dead—he has never been conclusively unmasked.

Alexander Kennedy gives a compact, readable overview of the Ripper saga, examining the killings from every side. Here we experience the desperate race of police to stop the Ripper before he strikes again, and the role of newspapers in shaping the Ripper legend. We look at each of the so-called “canonical” murders, and also the possibility that the Ripper might have killed more women than generally realized. And then we chase down the many answers to the most burning question of all: Whodunit? Both novices and hardcore “Ripperologists” will appreciate Alexander Kennedy’s fresh, insightful take on history’s most iconic killer.

“One day men will look back and say I gave birth to the twentieth century”Jack the Ripper

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  • The Ripper’s taunting correspondence with police—and the possibility that it was a hoax.
  • The role of Queen Victoria in the Ripper investigation.
  • How the Ripper murders led to the birth of “profiling.”
  • The tragic histories of the Ripper’s victims.
  • The evidence for and against each of the prime suspects in the murders.
  • Famous men accused of the Ripper murders, including Lewis Carroll, Arthur Conan Doyle, and Prince Albert Victor.
  • Modern day investigations into the killings by mystery author Patricia Cornwell and others.

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