Irreverent Forever: True Tales from a Newspaperman’s Outrageously Rewarding Life

Written by David Feldman

Drop in on the world’s zaniest people … newspapermen and women from the hick town of Douglas, Arizona, to the sensuous beaches of Honolulu and even Europe’s high-brow (and low-brow) colorful locales.

Dave’s tales include old shoes that saved a life, a colleague who caught fire on the operating table, a roadrunner named Rodney, and much more. Plus, there are talks with two Pulitzer Prize winners and tales of fabulous cars like a Model-T Ford named Heathcliff.

Trace the good old (happy) newspaper days to today’s (unhappy) newsrooms. There’s a love of those old days, which were filled with rapscallions, inebriates, and a few decent souls. The author’s family proves equally fascinating.

This often-hilarious memoir offers up a love of authors (two Pulitzer winners), a love of cars (a French Gangster car named Jean-Pierre) and a love of those crazy, weird, off-beat newspaper folks from yesterday and today. (Robert Vavra, Writer/Photographer who teamed up with James Michener for the book “Iberia.”)

With all the darkness in the world, you might assume that a book about newspaper reporters would be a downer. Not this book. “Irreverent Forever” is suffused with David Feldman’s love of life, family, and the zany Damon Runyonesque characters who dance through his world. (Richard Lederer, author of “Anguished English”)



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