Ironheart: Anselm’s Tale: A Novel Set in the Tales of a Traveler Universe

Written by NJ Layouni
Category: · Romance · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

The fight for Edgeway is over. But, for many, the greatest battle has only just begun…

Anselm is gravely wounded. Perhaps mortally so.

Lost within his fevered dreams, he journeys back to the long-ago summers of his youth, to a time when the bonds of family and friendship had still been unbroken.

Through the eyes of the boy he had been, and those of the man he was to become, Anselm sees the world that might have been—relives a love that should have been—if only the spirits had been kinder.

Isobel. The girl who had stolen his heart and, ultimately, sealed his fate.

As his body lies broken within his bedchamber in Edgeway castle, Anselm’s spirit soars free, wandering the lonely, narrow pathway that separates the realm of life from death.

A life that no longer wants him, or the love that never died?

Which will be the strongest lure?



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