INTERVIEW: A Job Seeker’s Guide to Answer Tough Questions And Win the Job

Written by Genna Storm
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INTERVIEW: A Job Seeker’s Guide to Answer Tough Questions And Win the Job

You’re about to discover how to THINK LIKE THE INTERVIEWER.

As a long-time executive, I’ve conducted thousands of interviews. Some conversations were amazing. Other interviews were just downright painful. Those that struggle, do so for a several reasons:

  • Lack of understanding of the job
  • Lack of knowledge about the company
  • Lack of knowledge about the industry
  • “Winging it”
  • Candidate centric
  • No structure to answers
  • Inability to share relevant examples
  • Over-talking
  • Not talking enough

So, what else can you do to increase your chances of not just landing any job but your dream job?

Master the art of the job interview. Knowing how the interviewer thinks is critical. Understanding what they are looking for in each question will help you to answer the most common and challenging job interview questions well – much better than most other people. The secret is anticipating and preparing your answers for those questions and having clearly defined examples. Add clarity, share your thoughts, show your personality! That’s what this book’s about. Here, you’ll find a glimpse into the mind of an interviewer. In this book are the most frequently asked questions AND the winning answers!

What if ONE opportunity could change your life?

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