Insatiable: The Lone Werewolf Finds His Mate

Written by Rachel E. Rice
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

The moon is full, Wilder’s needs are great. His desire for Adrienne: insatiable.

Adrienne, a college student with too much time on her hands and too little attention paid to her by her soon to be husband, Paul, who wants to wait until their honeymoon before “consummating the marriage.” She soon recognizes that she made a mistake when she agrees to marry him just to get a free trip to Hawaii.

Wilder, the leader of a pack of Alpha Werewolves with no females, is in search of the perfect mate, one that will sire his pups to increase the size of his pack. One that will agree to be the mate to two other Alpha wolves—his brothers. Wilder feels that with the right female he can control and dominate a larger territory.
No human will agree to an arrangement where she is used only to increase Wilder’s pack size. His fateful meeting with Adrienne will solve one problem for him, but not all. Will Adrienne accept a life with Wilder, which has been mapped out for her by this controlling Lone Alpha Werewolf? Will Adrienne try to escape from the fascinating, seductive, handsome Wilder, thinking that a life with Paul is a better alternative?

This book has a cliffhanger and is the first in the Insatiable series. The series is for adults 18 and over.


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