I created my own company: Case study of entrepreneurship

Written by Gaspard Chevallier
Category: · Business & Money

Advice on how to set up your own company

Before setting up my own company, I would have appreciated being advised, warned and even guided, in order to avoid the numerous pitfalls and obstacles that an entrepreneur may face on his/her journey. By being more prepared I would have saved some precious time and I focused my energy on essential subjects.
It is for all these reasons that I have decided to write this book, hoping it will be useful to you if, like me, one day you decide that you would be your own boss.
This book is the detailed story of a business, as well as some useful advice from this entrepreneurial experience such as:
-How to find the right business partner
-How to find a business with potential
-How to negotiate and obtain information from a supplier/franchisor
-How to prepare your launch and your commercial offer (marketing mix)
-How to find funds
-How to hire staff wisely
-How to network
-How to optimize your time and cost
-How to manage issues of all kinds: staff, legal, technical, commercial, delinquency…
-How to overcome the temptation to give up and manage to bounce back
-How to diversify your activities
-How to find a work-life balance…

Amazon’s readers comments :

“Practical tips”
“Real story of entrepreneurship”
“Easy read”
“Good advice”
“Helpful insight”
“A must read”



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