I Am Woman: Surviving the Past, the Present, & the Future

Written by Daliah Husu

Living the life of her dreams won’t be easy–especially since she was born male. But her dream life may yet come true–if she truly wants it.

In this raw and emotionally charged memoir, Daliah Husu declares her trans womanhood with an honest and authoritative voice. Searching for her true identity, yearning for her mother’s acceptance, and desperate to find love, Daliah shares her painful, yet enriching journey into self-actualization and womanhood–a journey that starts as a young boy growing up without his father or mother in the slums of Santo Domingo, and who later transforms into a young woman obsessed with the attention of men, forced into sex work, and haunted by alcohol and drug abuse.

Remarkably, I Am Woman emphasizes that in midst of our loneliness, suffering, and darkness, our hopes and dreams continue to illuminate our path to personal freedom, survival, and ultimately love.



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