How to Write a Book: Beginners guide to write, sell and market a nonfiction book in 7 days.

Written by Rebecca McGregor

How To Write A Book

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Are you struggling to jump that hurdle in the way of writing your book? Well, here I am going to teach you to jump higher than you have ever jumped before.

So, you’re a writer? But so far, the book you know will cross the finishing line first, once published, is stuck inside your busy brain because you don’t have the time to sit down and write it?

I can relate to this. I wrote this book.

You’ve probably been told that it takes a long time to write a decent book, but here I am to tell you the opposite. It’s not true. I will show you how you can write a book in 7 days – with a bit of focus and determination.

I can show you how to do this – using this realistic step-by-step book.

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This easy to follow book was written on fewer pages than the rest you will find on the Kindle Store. Why? Because, I don’t need to write 70+ pages to teach you – it can be done in as little as the pages in this book; easier to digest, easier to follow and much easier to implement.

Whether you want to write a book about raising ferrets, building container homes or about how to start a business, you will be able to do it with this step-by-step guide.

Here Is A Preview Of What’s Included…

  • Picking a topic
  • How to structure the workload
  • Creating an outline
  • How to apply the right mindset
  • Organize chapters and sections
  • How to apply a writing schedule
  • Editing your book
  • Publishing vs self publishing
  • Marketing your book and making money
  • How to apply the right mind set
  • Much, Much More!
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    BONUS… As a special addition to help you get on track and get your book started more quickly, a checklist is included with this book too.

    Are you ready to begin training for those hurdles? I bet you are!

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