How to Read Music: The 6 Easy Steps to Meet Your Reading Goals on Any Instrument

Written by Trevor Beck
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Does sheet music scare you?

Have you tried learning how to read music before but failed? Are you having a hard time understanding how it works? If your answer to at least one of the previous questions is “yes”, then this book is definitely for you. Reading music is not that difficult. Actually, it´s easier than you ever thought. It´s really simple and the way we will go through every aspect of basic theory will make it even simpler. This book will guide you through a step-by-step process to a fast and steady development until you are able to sight-read every piece of music given.

“How to read music: The 6 easy steps to meet your reading goals on any instrument” is a book for beginners that want to learn to sight-read and instrumentalists who never achieved to learn basic theory. It comprises a simple and comprehensive way of studying the fundamentals in a six-step process and one can easily note progress using it as an ebook or textbook, enhancing their learning experience alone or under a teacher’s guidance.

The broached music aspects are:

  1. Pitch

  2. Time

  3. Symbols

  4. Intervals

  5. Complex Rhythmic Elements

  6. Scales and Chords

The learning journey is split in two grand categories. The first three steps compose the “Reading Music” section while the three last the “Understanding Music” one.  This book is a great start for people who aim to pursue a wider music education or just for amateurs who are enthusiastic about the world of music.   

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