How To Color With Colored Pencils: Color Palettes. Coloring Techniques For Adults. (How To Color Adult Coloring Books With Colored Pencils)

Written by Ekaterina Chernova
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How To Color With Coloring Pencils For Adults. Book 3: Color Palettes. Birds Edition
*** Note for Kindle users: Kindle edition of this book is NOT intended for coloring within the device. This is a “How-to-color” book, and not a coloring book.
However, designs used in examples are available for optional download, at no charge, and no opt in required.
“Looks like a color salad…” – is this a familiar feeling when looking at finished coloring page? Do you struggle with picking colors and combining shades? Did you want to organize your colors and create tasteful loooking color themes? Discover five easy color palettes that you can create with coloring pencils.
* Vintage palette
* Spring colors
* Baby theme
* Royal palette
* Modern/tech with black and grey

Step by step examples are based on bird designs from my coloring book “The Bird Of Fantasia”.
This is not a coloring book, but rather a guide of what you can really do with coloring pencils.
Easy step-by-step instructions for beginner level.
This book promotes coloring for creativity and shows you basic techniques.
Easy to follow. Fun to look at.



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