How I Found My Monster Kittens (The New Three Little Kittens Book 1)

Written by Olexiy Starr
Category: · Children’s Books

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*** This illustrated picture book features vivid, full-color layouts with the rhymes about monster kittens***
It’s a very kind story about cute little monster kittens. They’ve got lost and the little boy found them. Funny rhyming, bright pictures, and a thrilling plot are completing a perfect bedtime story. Children’s books about animals and monsters is a perfect gift for kids from 0 to 7! They provide children with the information about adventure & education, help them to start their early learning, and become their first friends for a lifetime. Please, enjoy these monster animal bedtime stories for kids in rhymes:

I have three monster kittens.
Today I am in doubt.
Where are my kittens?
I need to find out.

I called Mommy and Daddy,
But they did not know.
I asked my sister Kathy,
“Did you see them?” – “No.”

My three monster kittens,
You know how sad I am.
Come to me, my kittens.
I’ll give you some ham.

I searched in the house,
I looked for them outside.
I took out my bicycle
For the kittens’ search ride.

And finally, I found them,
Playing with the kite.
My three monster kittens
I am glad you’re all right!

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