Hobbit Hospitality: Recipes for Second Breakfast, Elevenses, and Afternoon Tea

Written by Karen Jones

Of all the races of Middle Earth, I would most like to be invited to tea by a hobbit, and I suspect so would nearly all of you. There is something so cozy and comforting about a hobbit (they are the softly worn cabled sweater of peoples), but the thing that I always find most enviable and appealing about the hobbit lifestyle is the food, and especially the dining schedule. Who among us has never, when being press-ganged into a morning meeting, wanted to borrow Pippin’s objection and ask our bosses “what about second breakfast?” (stale bagels and lukewarm coffee would not cut it in The Shire, you can be sure of that).

In this little book I try to imagine the sorts of things hobbits might make for their many meals, and to have on hand for the unexpected guest. I stuck with foods that are relatively simple to make, but are made more delectable by such simplicity. In the spirit of hospitality I include a number of vegan recipes, or adaptations, and instructions for making any recipe gluten-free, because hospitality means everyone having something they can eat.

You’ll learn to make such treats as the ideal pot of tea, your own jam, the best ever waffles, perfect fried potatoes, and all points in between. As a special bonus this book includes a knitting pattern for a tea cozy worthy of Bilbo himself.



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