Hiring Manager Secrets: 7 Interview Questions You Must Get Right

Written by Russell Tuckerton
Category: · Business & Money

This book represents over 20 years of corporate experience and knowledge from a top executive that has hired hundreds of employees at all levels of an organization – distilled down into 7 key questions that are most likely to be asked in any job interview, and how you need to respond.

Unlike most books and seminars on how to conduct a job search and interview for a position, this information is highly refined and presented in a format you can use immediately. The majority of candidates who purchase a full book on interviewing struggle to fully read and “digest” the material presented, making it hard to apply that hard earned knowledge in a fast paced interview.

Without strong guidance on “what really matters” and “exactly how to respond”, books and seminars tend to not produce the desired results, and may not be effective in the long run in changing your interviewing behavior.

The information in this book can be put to use immediately to improve your interviewing skills and help you get that next job.

It represents the most popular job interview questions used by myself as well as thousands of other hiring managers when conducting interviews. It provides not only answers to difficult interview questions – but why these answers are the best interview answers so you can adapt your thinking to different types of job interviews.

By providing both questions and answers to interview questions, you get the benefit of not only how I’ve evaluated and made hiring decisions, but also the type of information that positions you as the best candidate for the job.

This list of common interview questions cover the most critical aspects of interviews I have conducted over 20 years – and understanding why the question is being asked, as well as seeing sample interview answers both good and bad will help you internalize and naturally learn how to respond to tough interview questions without having to think twice.

The top interview answers are provided for each question – these are the answers that I used to decide to hire a given candidate for the job position.

This insider’s view of the interview process, from a real hiring manager, also gives you the top questions to ask during interviews – these are the questions that often position you far above other candidates, as they demonstrate your knowledge and interest in the company, the position, and focus on the right areas that managers are seeking.

These questions are asked at a job interview greater than 90% of the time – I actually ask ALL of these questions at every job interview. While I may look for other job interview questions as well, these are the core 7 I consider to be most important for judging whether a candidate is going to be selected for the position.

Spending 15 minutes with this guide, and re-reading it a few days later, will make you feel more confident about how to prepare for an interview.

By providing sample interview questions and answers, and real world examples of good and bad answers, you can prepare for any interview with confident.

Many of these questions are also duplicated by human resources when conducting phone interviews – common phone interview questions overlap these interview questions and answers often.



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