Helena’s Choice: A Novel

Written by Patty Apostolides
Category: · Romance

Helena Cadfield returns to Oxford after being away three years at a Parisian boarding school. When she learns about her father’s death while excavating treasures on their Greek property, she is devastated.

Allan Murphy, a physician, is interested in Helena, but she is caught in a dilemma, for she must see about the property in Greece. Helena asks Allan to wait for her, but will he wait?

When Helena arrives in Greece, she encounters Dr. Aristotle Mastoras, an archaeologist hired by the archaeological society to excavate her Greek property. They join forces in finding the ancient treasures on her property.

Working alongside Aristotle, Helena finds peace. Yet she must battle the dark forces that threaten to take everything away from her. In addition, the burgeoning love she feels for Aristotle threatens to topple all her carefully laid out plans with Allan.

Helena must decide whether to remain in Greece, with Aristotle, or return to Allan in England. What choice will she make?



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