Heir of Shadows (Daizlei Academy Book 1)

Written by Kel Carpenter

Triplets cursed from birth.
Haunted by inner demons. Hunted by Monsters.
High school just got a little…Supernatural.

When Selena Foster and her sisters’ are shipped off to Daizlei Academy by their estranged aunt, she should be thrilled that their kind has not abandoned them—that they are not alone. Instead, she struggles against the seductive whispers urging her to kill. She and her sisters know better than anyone the cost that comes with great power, but while Alexandra can play with fire and Lily can heal anything, Selena might just be more destructive than even this school is ready for.

To keep the madness at bay, Selena takes up boxing again, but when causing pain is the only thing that can take hers away she finds the line between right and wrong starts to blur. To make matters worse, the only person who can unravel every terrible secret she’s keeping was just assigned to be her boxing partner—and she can’t stay away.

When monsters far worse than herself show up, Selena must finally determine how much her secrets are worth—and when to unleash her deadly curse.

But first she’ll have to decide who to trust.
And who to kill.

Fans of Marie Lu and Victoria Aveyard will love this action packed fantasy. With the grit of The Young Elites and strong females characters found in Red Queen, Heir of Shadows is the must read young adult fantasy this year!

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