Hearts on Fire (Elmo Jenkins – Book Six)

Written by McMillian Moody

Elmo Jenkins is back yet again for another wild ride through the halls of First Church. Trouble’s brewing as a rogue online reporter has targeted Pastor Pike. In the meantime, Elmo begins hosting a weekly radio show with his friend Thurm as co-host. Let the shenanigans begin!

At home, Elmo discovers mysterious initials on an old family quilt. And much to Bonnie’s chagrin, he jumps head first in a quest for answers to the heirloom’s mystery.

Finally, Elmo leads a group of rowdy senior adults on a tour of the Holy Land. Jumping Jehoshaphat, what was he thinking?!

Join Elmo, Thurm, Father Ted, Eddie, Erlene, and the rest of the First Church gang for another fun-filled adventure.



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