Hard Rock Daddy Box Set: Rock Star Romance Books 1-3 Sand & Fog Series (Parker Saga 1.5)

Written by Susan Ward
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“When the music stops all any man has is his heart.” ~ Alan Manzone.

We were never supposed to meet. I was warned to stay away from her. Chrissie was young, beautiful, and off limits. That didn’t stop me from being her first, but it was my heart that was changed forever by our first night together. I knew then she was The Girl. The only one on this earth perfect for me.

I knew what I wanted.
I wanted to love her forever.

She was too unsure to take what I offered, but then she was only eighteen.
She walked away.

I’ve never let go. Not in my heart.

Sure, I’ve had other girls since her. I’m the number one rock star on the planet. I can have any girl I want. My name is practically a household word.

I’m rich, dangerous, famous, and an international heartthrob.

And SHE walked away. Married two other men while I stayed in the friend zone watching her love them.

Nothing she did changed that I wanted her.
Nothing she did could undo her hold on my heart.

Just when it seemed I’d forever be loving Chrissie without her loving me…the unthinkable happened.

Now that we’re both single, I’m going to claim the girl that got away. Whatever it takes this time, I’m making her mine. I’m putting it all out there, on the line for her. What I didn’t expect was the wild ride she took me on or that I’d want it…

Continue the epic love story of Chrissie Parker and Alan Manzone in the Hard Rock Daddy Box Set, Books 1-3 of the Sand & Fog Series.

Each book is a full-length novel over 90K words.
Each book is a steamy read filled with unexpected twists, and with a smile-on-your-face happily ever after.

Here’s what readers are saying:

“Susan Ward is brilliant! Susan Ward knocked it out of the park with this gem…what we’ve got here is a classic case of “Mars vs. Venus” and it is so damn epic because it totally captures the way women think versus the way men do, EACH believing their interpretation is revealing and honest, and with good reason because they totally believe their feelings and don’t get that the biggest hurdle between male and female is that they don’t think or communicate in terms the other understands, and that ISN’T a new revelation…Susan Ward is genius.” ~ Andrea Smith, USA Today Bestselling Author

“This is an all-time favorite of mine. 5+ Stars. Ward as a MALE POV is sensational. I wanted to float in Alan’s headspace for 500 more pages.” ~ Rachel Blaufeld, Bestselling Author & USA Today Happy Ever After Blog.

“Never enough stars! OK. So I just finished this set and it was amazing! I am never disappointed with this author’s books. It was so beautiful reading this story from Alan’s POV…I love everything about this family. Off to read more about them. Highly recommend this series.”

“Susan Ward gets it right every time. Her books are amazing.”

“A very HEA. I was so excited for closure after reading The Girl Box Set. There are times when you finish wanting and needing more, this was IT!”

(Book 1) 2016 The Kindle Book Review Kindle Book Award Romance Semifinalist & a #1 Amazon Bestseller Rock Genre.
(Book 2) 2017 IPPY Silver Medalist Best Romance/Erotica eBook, Independent Book Publishers Awards
(Book 3) An Amazon top 100 bestseller

This Box Set contains sexually explicit material, mature subject matter, and is intended for individuals over the age of eighteen.
Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult Romance, Coming of Age Romance, Rock Star Romance, Sagas, Series



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