Guitar Scales: Master the Fretboard, Create Your Own Music and Get Soloing: 125+ Licks that Show You How

Written by Guitar Head
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30+ Scales and Modes – Change the Course of Your Guitar Playing – Forever!

You’ve got to learn your scales! The advice that changed my guitar life! And I want to change yours too! This book is a result of multiple guitarists pooling their knowledge together to help other guitarists excel with guitar scales. That should explain the monstrous size of the book.
Are you a beginner looking to dive into the world of scales or a seasoned player trying to understand the scales better? I’ve got your back

What Can the Book Do for Me?

-Help you create a musical map to master the fretboard
-Teach you everything you need to knowabout guitar scales
-Help you create your own music
-Give you lick ideas to drive the concepts deep
-Teach you the construction of scales and theory behind it

Why This Book from Among the 1000 Others?

I know you are confused on selecting the book that can give you most value for money and time! Which among the 1000 books can be your guide can get you going immediately?While I can’t speak for the other books, here is why Guitar scales by Guitar Head is a good bet:

Explanations for every one of the 30+ scales and modes
-Whole neck diagrams for each scale
-Individual shapes and patterns explained
-A“Take Action” section to make sure the theory hits practical playing skills
Tags for each scale describing the construction, formula, and sprinkled secrets to get the best out of the scales
-From basic major and pentatonic scales to Advanced Bebop and exotic Hungarian scales – the book has it all!

125+ Musical Licks to Get You Playing Immediately!

Are you a beginner with no musical experience! Worry not! I have hundreds of licks to help you get going immediately!

Unique licks for each of the 30+ modes
Individual description for each of the 125 licks!
Lick ideas to incorporate in your very own solos
5 Licks for most mode and scale

Over 200 Pages of Pure Guitar Expertise!

When people ask you the secret to your rapid growing musical expertise, you will know where to send them. This book has content that can take you a year to complete religiously. Talk about value for money!

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