Guitar: Pentatonic Scale Fretboard Visualization, A New Approach and Key to Improvisation Mastery Volume 1

Written by Glen Sorrentino

Learn Quickly How To Visualize Pentatonic Scales With Very Little Effort!

This book contains a “new method” to help quickly see the pentatonic patterns on the fretboard. It also contains advice on how to mentally engrain these patterns into the mind’s eye in a fun and painless way that actually works.
I know what it is like to struggle with pattern recognition on the fretboard. Many methods have been proposed, each with their own merits, however, i have for a long time felt that the practice of pattern recognition to be too tedious and arduous and in constant need of upkeep to maintain. Wouldn’t it be nice to see the whole fretboard without blind spots instantaneously and without being stuck within old patterns? Now you can concentrate your efforts and time on making music rather than struggling with difficulty visualizing the fretboard.
Through applying the concepts in this book, i can assure you that you will place these patterns into long term memory where they will remain in your arsenal of guitar skills. I hope you enjoy it!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Easy To Learn Sketch Patterns For Pentatonic Box Positions
  • Seeing Horizontally Across The Fretboard
  • Seeing Diagonally Up The Fretboard
  • Recognizing Asymmetry
  • Understanding Pentatonic Modes Adapted From The Major Scale
  • Bonus: IntroductionTo Diatonic Scales And Modes The Easy Way!

If you are tired of struggling through scales, then get this kindle book for only $3.99!



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