Guitar Exercises: 10x Guitar Skills in 10 Minutes a Day: An Arsenal of 100+ Exercises for All Areas

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Feeling stuck with the guitar? Not able to make the progress you want? Do you want to 10x your guitar skills with minimum effort?

Have you been making little to no progress with the guitar? I have been there, so I know how it feels! This book is going to help you get over that frustration!

What do I have to do to 10x my guitar skills?

You might be a beginner, who is just starting out with his first guitar or a guitar god who has been playing for years, all you have to do is follow the exercises given inside this guide. You will start noticing the difference by practicing just 10 minutes a day. With 100+ easily laid out tabs, you can pick up your guitar and get going instantly! When people start asking of your sudden improvement, you will know where to send them!

What can the book do to my guitar skills?

  • Help you play guitar better and longer
  • Increase your speed and accuracy
  • Help you solo better
  • Play chords with more confidence
  • Train your picking hand to move faster
  • And lots more

Why should I buy this book over the 1000 others on the store?

  • 100+ unique and fun exercises
  • Tags explaining the techniques involved, difficulty level, and category for every exercise.
  • Exercises to improve every area of your guitar skills
  • Exercises tailor-made to entertain beginners and pros alike
  • Methods to 10x your guitar skills by practicing just for 10 minutes a day!

If you are still confused on taking action, why don’t you use the “look inside” option on amazon and have a glance at the first few pages of the book to make sure this book can be your partner as you build your guitar skills!

You see, I am that confident about the book! The only reason you would not get this book is if you are not serious about mastering this magical skill.

To take full control of your guitar skills and become an impeccable player, scroll up and click BUY NOW!



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