Greek Mythology: A Complete Guide to Olympians, Titans, Heroes, Their Captivating, Ancient Myths, and Who They Were (Updated with New Chapters)

Written by Anastasios Lekkas
Category: · History

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In 1955 the poet Robert Graves wrote that Mythology had two main functions. One of these functions was to answer those awkward questions that many children ask, such as ‘Who made the world?’, ‘Where did people come from?’, and ‘What happens when we die?’. The other was a more adult function; it was used to justify the reason behind an existing social structure and explain where traditional customs and rituals came from. The stories about the gods, goddesses, heroes and monsters that the ancient Greeks told were part of their every day lives. Those stories explained everything from the weather changing to the sun rising on a new day to why bad things happened to good people. Those stories gave meaning to the world. No matter how much time has passed, the lessons and legends told by the Ancient Greek society often have a relevant message to convey to us even today! Greek mythology unfolds before you as you educate yourself about the myths of primordial means by which the world came to be as perceived by the Ancient Greek society and the folklore they passed down through the ages. From Achilles and Troy to The 8 Labors of Hercules, to the clash between the heroic Olympians and the mighty Titans. Unmatched in appeal, Greek mythology, with its origin in antiquity, still manages to captivate the minds of the world, you need not look any farther than new A-list movies that emerge each year about the subject. Read now For Free with Amazon’s Kindle Cloud Reader

Here’s what you can expect to find in this book…

  • The Olympians, the Titans, the Demigods, the Heroes, the Monsters, and Who They Were
  • The Reign and Fall of Uranus
  • The Moon and Her Lover
  • Helios’ Chariot and the Great Destruction/li>
  • The Overthrow of Cronos and Zeus’ Rise to Power
  • Hermes and Apollo’s Lyre
  • Perseus and Medusa
  • Achilles and the Trojan War
  • And Much More!

Here’s what some customers thought.. Greek mythology has always fascinated me. Even though I watched many movies surrounding it, I never really knew the connections between the characters, etc. This books does a good job of showing how each character is related to each other. It shows who is the wife or husband of who, who is the child of who, and so on. The Titans, Olympians, Demigods, Heroes, and Mortals are all laid out in easy to read fashion. Many battles, like the Achilles and the Trojan war, are talked about in the book also. It is a refreshing look at all the Greek stuff that has many confused. If Greek mythology is interesting to you, then I know this book will help to clear up a lot of things about it. I benefited from the and surely you can too. -Juan deCampos I’ve always loved Roman and Greek mythology,and I’ve always read any book I get about them.My favorite goddess is Artemis.While a lot of what’s written here are what I read from other books,what I like about this book is it is written in a more concise way.It is easier to understand and,as for the basic understanding of Greek gods and goddesses,this book has all the basic information about the subject.This book is a good supplement for those starting to learn about Greek mythology. -Micha L

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