Gluten-Free Brews: The Guide to Gluten-Free Beer

Written by A. D. Davies

Welcome to the first comprehensive guide to gluten-free beer!

Gluten-free beer is undoubtedly a niche product. As paradoxical as it sounds, though, niche items are all the rage these days. Brewers around the world are trying their hands at the challenging task of brewing beer without gluten.

We’ve consulted gluten-free brewers, world-renowned celiac disease experts and even the scientists devoting their lives to developing effective ways of testing for gluten.

Several months ago, we noticed that readers loved the gluten-free beer posts on our health blog, Organic Shift. In an effort to quench our readers’ thirst for content on the topic, we noticed there wasn’t much information available.

One call to a member of the industry suggested that the knowledge was out there, it just needed to be gathered and compiled.

We spoke to a number of gluten-free brewers about their beers. In order to understand the nuts and bolts of the gluten-free movement, we talked with scientists dedicated to perfecting testing methods to ensure the safety of gluten-free products. Digging deeper, we even consulted some of the world’s foremost celiac disease experts. Most importantly, we tasted some beer.

The fruit of our labors is Gluten Free Brews: The Guide to Gluten Free Beer. We discuss the origins of the gluten-free diet and how it grew from a medical necessity for a small few to a diet craze driving a massive industry. Next, we get down and dirty with the beers, exploring their exotic ingredients, innovative brewing techniques and much more.

Whether you’re a celiac, a gluten-free dieter or just a beer nerd, we encourage you to enjoy Gluten-Free Brews.




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