George Harrison: Reconsidered

Written by Timothy White

Here Comes the Fun:

After all those years of mania and moptops, dark suits and deep blues, the quiet Beatle finally talked—about everything.

In August of 1987, after a self-imposed, five-year hiatus, George Harrison anxiously delivered the test pressing of his new album to company executives. There was no need to be nervous—Cloud Nine would be considered his greatest achievement since the seminal, All Things Must Pass.

In George Harrison: Reconsidered, the process of getting to that pressing is presented—as well as remembrance of those things past.

Timothy White honed his journalistic skills the old-fashioned way, working first as a copyboy for the Associated Press, then moving on to cover sports and entertainment. White was managing editor, then senior editor, of the music magazine Crawdaddy. He joined Rolling Stone as an associate editor, and rose through the ranks to become senior editor. In the last eleven years of his life, he served as editor-in-chief of Billboard.

A prolific, award-winning writer, Timothy White interviewed hundreds of musicians, and became known as a champion of unknown artists.



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