Genghis Khan: The Flail of God (The True Story of Genghis Khan) (Historical Biographies of Famous People)

Written by Alexander Kennedy

He was one of history’s greatest conquerors, and in his day, his name was a byword for terror. His forces burned great cities to the ground and slaughtered on a scale that verged on genocide. Yet there was also another side to Genghis Khan; he modernized the laws and customs of his people and unified much of Eurasia, furthering the trade and cultural exchange of the Great Silk Road. For these accomplishments, he is today celebrated as the greatest hero of the Mongolian people.

In this essential biography, Alexander Kennedy examines Genghis Khan in all his facets: conqueror and diplomat, warlord and lawgiver, father and son, butcher and hero. We see Temüjin’s rise from the kidnapped son of a clan chief to the ruler of a united Mongol horde, the “Genghis Khan.” But we also see the human cost of his quest: the fallen cities of Bukhara and Samarkand, the devastation of Northern China, and the shaky empire he left behind him. Through Kennedy’s piercing analysis, we gradually separate fact from fiction until we at last glimpse the real Genghis Khan, in all his terrible glory.

“I am the flail of god. Had you not created great sins, god would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.”Genghis Khan

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  • The historical background that made the Khan’s rise possible.
  • The kidnapping of young Genghis Khan—and his daring escape.
  • The battles and alliances that allowed Temüjin to unite the clans.
  • The saga of Jamukha, Genghis Khan’s greatest Mongol rival.
  • Genghis Khan’s great legal code, the Blue Book.
  • The folly of Khwarazm-shah Muhammad, who incited a Mongol invasion that wipes his empire from the earth.
  • This historical legacy of Genghis Khan’s rule.

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