Fruit Pies: Practical Guide to Homemade Baking

Written by Melissa Teigen

In Fruit Pies: Practical Guide to Homemade Baking, Melissa Teigen is your guide to sweet treats. Featuring 60 recipes, some classic and some totally novel, Fruit Pies is the only book about baking pies that you will ever need.

Everything from apple pie to strawberry pie is covered herein, charting for you a clear path from pie novice to pie expert. Every ingredient you need, every step you need to take, the time each pie will take to bake, it is all covered here, clearly and succinctly, so that you can be sure you are doing all the right things. Never again will you bite into a pie and wonder “How do they do this?” Now, you can be the expert. Pie professionalism starts with this book.

Pie is an American institution, representative of so much more than the dessert segment of dinner. Whether you fill your pie with apples or blueberries, you are sure to come out with something that your dinner guests will love. The key, however, is to doing things in the right order, at the right times, and in the right proportions. You need to be careful with pie; you need to work with a delicate touch. Let Melissa Teigen show you the ropes and teach you just how to bake a pie right. With these recipes, you can become the baker of your own dreams!



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