Free Fish Friday: Introducing Slacker Mills (Slacker Mills Mysteries Book 1)

Written by Lee Stone
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Fresh new author Lee Stone serves up a provocative entrée with a generous side of humor in the inaugural book of the Slacker Mills Mystery Series.

Slacker, a vagabond fisherman extraordinaire, had found his personal paradise in Key West, Florida.. With his trophies covering the walls of the Rusty Hook tavern, and his fresh catch comprising the free Friday menu there, he was respected as a local hero. In the rum-gilded view of vacationing ladies, he also enjoyed billing as the “Catch of the Night.”

When his close friend and benefactor is the victim of a violent death, Slacker’s fantasy world collapses. A murder investigation spawns shocking revelations that rock the peaceful town … and point to him as the prime suspect.



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