Frailty: a haunting psychological page-turner

Written by Betsy Reavley
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

How far would you go to protect your family?
Danny and Libby are about to face every parent’s worst nightmare. 

When eight-year-old Hope Bird disappears without a trace, from the idyllic village where she lives, life for her family will never be the same again. Her parents know she would never have gone off alone and the police have no idea where she is. Then a child’s shoe is discovered and the case takes an unexpected turn. Soon a suspect is identified but this is only the beginning.

Will they ever find Hope? 

Frailty is a haunting, gritty, psychological page-turner about the choices we make.  

What the reviewers say:

“Betsy Reavley has reached new heights with this breathtaking book. Child abduction is always a difficult subject and she has totally embraced it in this outstanding book. It will leave you feeling emotionally drained and in awe of this author. Her best book yet, a literary masterpiece” Anita Waller, best-selling author of 34 Days, Angel and Beautiful

“Absolutely incredible book, cannot praise it enough. I think it’s my best read of 2016.” Emma De Oliveira, an ARC reviewer 

“I was sent spinning by the revelations that left me feeling dizzy. I have to say I thought the ending was so well done. It really moved me and I thought it was the perfect ending for such a hard hitting story line.” Sarah Hardy, By the Letter Book Reviews

“This is a book that once you start reading it you won’t be able to stop. It is a story that grabs you right from the very beginning.”  Joseph Calleja, Relax and Read book Reviews

“This is true stand-out in the domestic noir genre.” Caroline Matson, Confessions of a Reading Addict 

Betsy Reavley is the best selling author of Beneath the Watery Moon, Carrion, The Quiet Ones and The Optician’s Wife. Her books will appeal to fans of authors like, Mark Edwards, Lisa Hall, Louise Jensen and Katarina Diamond



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