Forever Until Tomorrow (War Eternal Book 5)

Written by M.R. Forbes
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A war lost…
A war declared…
A second chance to change the future…

Major Katherine “Peregrine” Asher of the United Earth Alliance has never heard of the Tetron. As the pilot in charge of guiding Earth’s first interstellar starship into space, she has enough to think about already.

But when a standard meet and greet with the global elite goes sideways, Katherine finds herself front and center in a war she has never heard of and doesn’t understand. A war where the enemy can be anyone, and her only hope of survival rests on finding a soldier who doesn’t exist.

A soldier named Colonel Mitchell Williams.

Forever Until Tomorrow is the fifth book in the science-fiction War Eternal series.

Book 1: Starship Eternal
Book 2: The End of Liberty
Book 3: The Knife’s Edge
Book 4: Point of Origin



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