Flames over France

Written by Robert Jackson

May 1940: Flight Lieutenant Ken Armstrong is deployed to an airfield in France.

His arrival coincides with Hitler’s invasion of France and the Low Countries.

He picks up victory after victory but nothing he can do will be enough to turn the tide.

Armstrong befriends the pilots he fights beside but is forced to watch them drop out of the sky each day.

The battle for France will be lost.

But that doesn’t mean the war is over.

Armstrong and his men are determined to fight tooth and nail against impossible odds.

In this tale of dignity and bravery when all hope seems lost, Armstrong must do what needs to be done.

As a former pilot and Squadron Leader himself, Robert Jackson masters the plot and brings history to life in fantastic detail.

This is the second novel to feature the charismatic Flight Lieutenant Ken Armstrong, following on from Flames Over Norway.

Praise for Robert Jackson

‘Takes you to the heart of the action.’ – Tom Kasey, bestselling author of Cold Kill.

Robert Jackson (b. 1941) is a prolific author of military and aviation history, having become a full-time writer in 1969. As an active serviceman in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve he flew a wide range of aircraft, ranging from jets to gliders.



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