EVERYDAY LOW CARB DINNER RECIPES: 50 Easy, Real Food Recipes to Lose Weight (Rosie’s Recipes Book 1)

Written by Rosie McGreggor

If you eat low carb, but are NOT a gourmet cook and are looking for easy, everyday recipes that taste good and use ingredients you can usually find in the local grocery store, this book was written for you!

Maybe you need to eat healthly, but don’t want to completely rearrange your life to do it. That’s exactly where Rosie McGreggor found herself.

When Rosie decided to go low carb, she knew the only way to make it work was to fit it into her normal life. She couldn’t imagine making separate dinners for herself and the family (one was enough!) or buying weird ingredients that only get used once (who has the money for that); so she set out to adapt her favorite everyday, down-home recipes to work with low carb.

Rosie focuses on easy-to-make dinners, featuring normal ingredients and focusing on quick and easy. And the more flexible the recipes, the better! Because like many moms, she often makes do with what’s already in the kitchen cupboards.

The food had to be low carb and sugar free, so Rosie’s remastered recipes are almost all under 10 carbs a serving. Above all, the recipes have to be practical. Because like many people, Rosie has other things to do besides cooking dinner.

Rosie’s family and friends kept telling her that her simple, everyday-style recipes were really good, and sharing them would help other busy families stay healthier, too. So she set about collecting her favorites to write a cookbook for you!



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