Dream Bigger Live Better- Second Edition

Written by Donna Palm

Don’t waste time living a mundane and unfulfilled life; watching life go by without taking the initiative to fulfill your dreams and not believing in your own potential. Life is short, we have to cram everything in before we leave to go on to the next world. Throughout my life, one question has repeatedly been asked of me no matter where I was or what I was doing. People have asked me over and over again, “How in the world do you do it?” ‘How do you as a single mom run a business, take care of a house, haul the kids to baseball and soccer, etc.?’ ‘How do you pick up everything you own, move to a place where you know absolutely no one and start a brand new life?’ ‘How do you find the confidence to redesign your life and follow your dreams?’ ‘How in the world do you do it?’ Well, to all of you who have asked me these questions over the years, here it is. I have finally written the instruction manual. This book includes several popular and well-known insights to life. Many of you will probably recognize them. However, what this book also includes are many things you have not heard before – things that I have developed over years of life experience. I only wish I had this book to follow when I started on this journey. Luckily, it is never too late. It is my desire to inspire all of you to follow your life’s dreams by following the Blueprint I have laid out for you in this book. Following the Blueprint, you should be able to accomplish anything your heart desires. It is important to take the time to do the exercises so you can completely enjoy the fulfillment of your potential. As you read further into the book you will understand why. We will discuss successes and failures and what to do when we have fallen into a “hole.” Life is not perfect and neither are we. However, by following the Blueprint and reading and implementing the teachings and concepts in this book, you will have the confidence and ability to turn things around and take a “Do-Over” at will. Everything you need is here; the rest is up to you. There are no coincidences in life. You are where you are, facing what you’re facing, and doing what you’re doing because life is preparing you for future greatness. Don’t deny yourself -or the world- the opportunity to be everything you were created to be. No one can be 100 percent all of the time. Keep this book and your notes as a handy reference. Use it as an instruction manual for your life. If you are not at the top of your game or you feel like you are falling into “the hole” refer back to whatever information in this book that may inspire you. Study your Blueprint. Go back to your Accomplishments list so you can see written proof of what you have achieved so far. On days when you feel stupid for making the same mistakes again, go back to your Self Improvement list to prove to yourself that you have learned from the past; sometimes it just takes more than one time around. The intention of this book is not just to read it once but to be able to go back and use the information as often as possible. Life is complicated and most things you cannot learn the first time around. Sometimes you have to repeat the class, or in this case, just repeat the book or the part of the book that will you will find helpful. This book is a combination of innovative new concepts along with tried-and-true messages and beliefs that have been used for years. It is the best of both worlds. In combination with each other, the intent of this book is to inspire you to get moving and fulfill your dreams. Share it with others so they can fulfill their dreams too. We were created to fulfill great plans, and dream big dreams. Most importantly, we have the ability to bring our dreams and visions to life and to inspire and encourage others to do the same. Each of us is limited only by the belief we have in ourselves. Open your mind then go forth and dare to dream, and dare to do.



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