Drawing Portraits: The basics

Written by Sandra Myers
Category: · Arts & Photography

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Ah portraits, a way to capture one’s expressions without a camera or elaborate setting. You’ve seen them online and sought out how to draw them on your own. The problem is what you have found so far has left you with more questions than answers. Tutorials online glean over some steps, leaving you scratching your head. YouTube videos frustrate you; because you have constantly pause and sometimes even move backwards to have them repeat the step. In a lot of videos, they go too fast for you to keep up. You’ve even purchased books, some leave out intricate steps and tips that would make what you need to do next clear. This book will take you through all the steps you will need to draw portraits effectively and it will even you tips, tricks, and advice along the way.

You will learn how to draw:

– Getting started
– Tools of the Trade
– The Nose
– The Mouth
– Head and Hair
– Male Faces
– Female Faces



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