Don’t Sell. Let Them Buy.: Master The Sales Conversation And Guide Your Customer To A Successful Purchase…Every Time

Written by Chiqeeta Jameson
Category: · Business & Money

What is Your Sales Conversation Mindset? Do You Sell or Do You Serve?
This book shows you how to master an easy and proven, step by step sales conversation process.
You will learn how to organize your customer conversations, master the techniques of questioning, answer objections, make recommendations and gain agreement.
When you master the Don’t Sell. Let Them Buy process you will become more confident and relaxed in your sales conversations. Most importantly, you will create meaningful connections with your customers that lead to more sales.
Learn how to shift from “selling” to “guiding” your customers to make their own decisions that lead to successful purchases for them and sales for you. This book is a proven roadmap that will guide you to sales success every time!



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