Dirty Rich

Written by Amelia Wilde

In a discreet corner of New York City, billionaires gather at the Purple Swan to drink, dance, and build a world of secrets, lies, and money. You are formally invited to become a member.

I wanted a secretary, not an obsession.

It was supposed to be simple.
1. Aquire a fashion magazine.
2. Turn it into a cash cow.
3. Walk away.

I got more than I bargained for the first day I walked into my new office.
The extra perk? A secretary I can’t take my eyes off.
Or my hands.

She’s a dangerous distraction. The way she moves in those pencil skirts should be illegal.
I break every rule in my book when I invite her into my office…
…and then I break more.
I break her.

It was supposed to be simple.
But with my new secretary on her knees, begging for more?
Things just got very, very complicated.


This book is part of the Amelia Wilde universe. All books are standalones, and can be read in any order unless otherwise noted. And…did you hear? There’s more than one ultra-exclusive club in New York City.

The Dirty Series
1. Dirty Rich
2. Dirty Royal
3. Dirty Rogue
4. Dirty Ransom
5. Dirty Rumor
6. Dirty Scandal

The Billionaire Possession Series
1. Reckless Kiss
2. Fearless Kiss
3. Shameless Kiss
4. Ruthless Kiss
5. Priceless Kiss



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