Cry Spy

Written by William Hood
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Ex-spy Alan Trosper returns in a terror-filled quest through the back alleys of western Europe that culminates in a confrontation with the brute force of Moscow Center…

When Peter Gandy is murdered with a very sophisticated poison, Alan Trosper finds himself dragged back into the murky arena of counterespionage he thought he’d left behind.

The spy game has its own rules, and by a peculiar sort of “gentleman’s agreement,” opposing case men are off-limits as targets for assassination…but the hit on Gandy in a dead-end London street has all the characteristics of a Moscow Center operation.

Yet Gandy had been out of the racket for over two years before his death — why would Moscow suddenly change the rules?

Mourning his friend and former colleague and convinced that something sinister lies behind Gandy’s death, Trosper begins an investigation into Gandy’s old cases and devises a plan that will cast a net of intrigue around his friend’s old acquaintances.

Learning that Moscow has penetrated the Firm’s communication networks, Trosper realizes that more is at stake than simply finding Gandy’s killer.

His search for the truth leads him around the world, from Washington, D.C., to London, to Vienna, never entirely certain who he can trust or who might sell him out at a moment’s notice.

A well-known journalist of uncertain allegiance must be abducted on the snowy streets of Geneva; a code clerk with a taste for pricey sports cars is broken by Trosper’s interrogation; and in Vienna, Trosper must walk alone into a KGB safe house to a final rendezvous.

Cry Spy is an engaging novel that details real-world espionage at its most entertaining.

Praise for Cry Spy

“If you ever wondered what intelligence officers do, read William Hood and find out.” —Tom Clancy

“Cry Spy is a gripping novel of real-world espionage written by one who knows. Bill Hood, a master of that on-going game in this era of spy satellites, gives his readers a real grasp of ‘tradecraft.’” —Richard Helms, former Director of Central Intelligence

Praise for William Hood

‘A skillful spy novel’ – The Wall Street Journal

‘A gripping espionage thriller’ – Thomas Waugh

William Hood (1920-2013), was a retired senior officer in the Central Intelligence Agency and a writer. During World War II, having just transferred from the Army into military intelligence, he volunteered for the Office of Strategic Services, the predecessor to the C.I.A. After the war, he remained in Europe. His hobbies included photography, marksmanship, sailing, jazz, and collecting first editions.



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