Crimson Crow (Sorcerer’s Creed Book 0)

Written by N. P. Martin
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

How did August Creed end up a magicslinger-for-hire?

Let’s go back to the 1980’s, a time of big hair and even bigger shoulder pads…and vampires.

After spending six years trekking around the world, I’ve landed in Blackham City at my Uncle Ray’s behest. Another attempt by him at trying to get me to settle down and use my magick abilities for the greater good.

Sorry, Ray. But as soon as I finish this bottle of whiskey, I’m hitting the road again. I’ve got a past to run from after all.

That’s my plan anyway, only now I’ve got a 1200 year old platinum blond vampire named Angela Crow at the door and she’s demanding that I help her find her daughter and bring her back home. And if I don’t? Well, let’s just say I’ll be scheduled in for a fatal blood donation very soon.

So now I have to run around a city I don’t know, trying to find a teenage vampire I know even less about. Only thing is, I get the strong sense that there is more to the situation than Angela Crow is telling me. I may just have to switch sides and help the daughter instead, which means going up against one of the most powerful vampires in the city.

Whatever happens, one thing is for sure: If I want to stay alive, I’m going to have to sling some serious magic.

And lots of it.

If you like Jim Butcher, Kevin Hearne, or Patricia Briggs, then you will LOVE the first installment of the Maximum Magick Paranormal Suspense Series.

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Q: What makes the Sorcerer’s Creed Series special?
A: I have always been a huge fan of dark and urban fantasy. I also love dark, gritty urban settings and characters, especially the classic pulp and occult detective type characters, along with monsters and supernatural creatures. So I tossed all those things together, applied a bit of magic and created the Sorcerer’s Creed Series.

Q: Why should a reader try this series out?
A: Because the Sorcerer’s Creed Series is an action-packed, paranormal thrill-ride that pulls no punches. Ghosts, vampires, warlocks, demons and a whole cast of other supernatural characters abound. And with a fast-paced plot and more twists and turns than a drunk snake, you’re sure to keep reading till the very end. Hell, it even features a possessed dildo and many other humorously twisted things you probably shouldn’t laugh out loud to…but will!

Q: So what order are the books in?
A: All the books in this series are intended to be stand-alone stories, yet each one is interlinked in some way, with each adding more to the other. Books in the series so far are:

Crimson Crow
Blood Sacrifice
Blood Debt
Blood Cult

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