Crazy Stupid Money (Kindle Single)

Written by Rachel Shukert

In this brave new age of constant sharing, there isn’t much that’s still taboo. On social media and beyond, we dish on all aspects of our personal lives: our relationships, our children, our sex lives, our health. But there’s one thing that no one ever mentions– our money.

How much do we actually have? Who makes it? And how does that make us feel about ourselves? These are the uncomfortable questions that Rachel Shukert managed to avoid for years, buffered from the gnawing anxiety of her patched-together freelance living by the comfortable salary of her loving and successful husband. But when a sudden change in circumstances forced her to step up and start supporting her family for the first time, she had to face the depth of her phobias about money for the first time, and truth about the damage they had caused to her relationship.

It wasn’t pretty. Plates were thrown. Police were called. Accountants were vomited on — or at least, near. And a marriage was pushed to the breaking point by the curious power that money — or the lack of it — has in our lives.

Hilarious, painful, and searingly honest, CRAZY STUPID MONEY tells the hard truth about all the things that married people (not to mention not-quite-successful creative freelancers) never talk about but desperately wish someone would. The story of how one couple broke themselves down and struggled to come back together again, it’s an unflinching look at what we talk about when we DON’T talk about money — and how alone it makes us feel.

RACHEL SHUKERT is a television writer living in Los Angeles. She is the author of five books, including the memoir EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE GREAT and the Kindle Single LET ME BE YOUR STAR. You can follow her on Twitter At @RachelShukert

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