CRAVE: Deceptive Desires 2 (Romantic Suspense)

Written by Amarie Avant

We Crave what doesn’t belong to us…

Raven and Liam’s relationship has always been complicated. From a scarred childhood through the rough teenage years, the duo has gone through more punches than a pair should ever face, and yet they have still come out standing… though not always standing together. Now, after recent pains and sorrows have graced their strained relationship, they are trying to piece it back together, even if it is just as friends.
Still deeply in love with him and pregnant with their second child, Raven wants to make things work with Liam, yet their shared past places roadblocks against trust. For his part, Liam is trying to step away from his colossal family, the Delacroix, striking out on his own in a world that can only see his name and all it represents.
Neither is being fully honest. Then a dangerous figure from Raven’s past comes knocking, threatening everything both hold dear… including their lives.

CRAVE is a full length novel complete at over 75,000 words, but may stop at 85% into the story as it includes a sample of VINDICTIVE Deceptive Desires Finale which will launch on 10/10



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