Cooking for Two: Simple & Delicious Casserole Recipes for Two

Written by Kristina Newman


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If you want to prepare amazingly delicious Casseroles for Two… then this recipe book is for you….

The image of a casserole always evokes many positive feelings from people who envision it; warm, steaming, fresh from the oven and packed with flavor. It’s no wonder that the casserole has been a staple family dish for decades now, gathering people to the table for generations.
As you go through the recipes you will inevitably see some of the timeless and more traditional casserole recipes, while you might also find and wish to try your hand at some new creations. This book lets you create magnificent casserole dishes for you and that special someone. Take the stress out of trying to find recipes that serve only two people; in this book, the ingredients and the steps are already done for you so that you do not have to do any calculations in figuring out how to get your serving size down to just two. All you have to concentrate on is finding the right casserole recipe to fit your mood and your tastes!

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