Configured: Book #1 in the Configured Trilogy (A Young Adult Dystopian Series)

Written by Jenetta Penner

There will come a day… when love will mark you as a traitor.

Decades after a virus decimated earth’s population, the survivors thrive in safety; away from the death and destruction of the Outerbounds. But nothing comes without a price. Emotions are pointless… even dangerous. Safety relies on the sole focus of duty.

Born with an advanced intelligence, Avlyn Lark gains privilege. Even at seventeen years of age, her skill with computers has shown exceptional promise. With the city divided into three levels of intellect, she is well aware of how fortunate she is. Not everyone has experienced such. Not even her twin brother who failed to live past his fourth year…

But when a cryptic message arrives after following a string of rebel intrusions on the city, Avlyn discovers that her intellectual potential allows for so much more than she first imagined. Bound to the memory of her dead twin and witnessing the emergence of a frightening new power, she has only one link to the answers she seeks, the mysterious radical urging her to join their fight.Freedom, Love, Opportunity….

But if she says yes will she lose it all?

Configured is the first novel in a trilogy that poses the question: does humanity need love for survival? Fans of Divergent, Matched, and the Maze Runner will love this world of dark secrets, intrigue and thirst for a better tomorrow.

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