Composition & Artistic Considerations (Finely Focused Photography Books Book 8)

Written by Al Judge
Category: · Arts & Photography

This is the eighth book of the Finely Focused Photography Books Series by Al Judge.

Finely Focused Photography Books is a new series of books from Al Judge for people who prefer to study photography one topic at a time

Each Book of the Series draws upon Al’s longer and more comprehensive books for content. Like all of Al Judge’s books these books contain numerous photos and illustrations to help facilitate clear and concise communication.

Composition and Artistic Considerations will painlessly provide help and insight into the more artistic aspects of photography.
Why are some photos so captivating while others are stale and boring even if the subject is identical?
Regardless of your reasons for taking photos, you will gain insight into the rules of composition and how to create better images.
Photography doesn’t have to be intimidating. The underlying principles are surprisingly simple but rarely presented in layman’s terms. Like any other area of specialization, photography has its own language. Fortunately, you only need to understand a few terms and concepts to get started.
This Photographic Guide will take the mystery out of composition and the artistic aspects of photography.
Although this book provides a fast-track approach to achieving photographic competence it does not rely on previous knowledge.
This book will:

  • Save you a great deal of time and effort.
  • Help you take better pictures and know why they are better.

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