Christmas Embrace

Written by Emily Walters
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Hamilton Clouse is the eldest son of billionaire businessman Roger Clouse, and an executive at Clouse Industries. Lately, Hamilton and his more troubled younger brother Ryan have been the topic of many tabloid stories. This Christmas, Roger, his wife, and both sons are heading to the family compound to relax and spend some much needed time away from the tabloids. Sarah Armstrong, an ambitious journalist working for Pulse magazine, gets a chance for promotion when her boss sends her to the Clouse mansion to get pictures of the family. On her way there, Hamilton’s car hits Sarah’s. He brings her to his family home to warm up and get checked for injuries. Sarah and Hamilton hit it off, and the family invites Sarah to stay a couple days while her car is getting fixed. Ryan has brought home a girlfriend, Eva, and when they get engaged, Sarah is ecstatic at having the scoop on the latest Clouse family gossip. As Sarah’s feelings for Hamilton and his whole family grow, however, she calls her boss and says that she will not provide information for the sensational article. Eva finds out that Sarah works for Pulse and threatens to tell the family if Sarah doesn’t leave. But before Sarah can leave, Pulse issues a scoop story about Ryan and Eva’s impending wedding which threatens to destroy Sarah’s budding relationship with Hamilton.



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