Cat Tales: Kids Book

Written by Kids Book Author D. R. Tara
Category: · Children’s Books

‘Cat Tales’ is a collection of three delightful short stories about kittens who find themselves in some precarious situations and how they, along with their caregivers, learn some tremendous life lessons the greatest of which is love.

First, there is the lovable and cuddly Katie in ‘There’s No Place Like Home’ who comes to realize that the warmth of home is much more attractive than the harshness of the outside world; that after the adventures of life-pleasant and unpleasant, it’s good to come to a home where love and care reign supreme…even from those you least expect.

Next up is ‘The Kitten in the Mail’ whose mother teaches the reader about sacrificial love and the ultimate way to show appreciation. She endears herself to Amy and her mother when she presents them with a very special gift. The story is about the bond between Amy and her pet kitten and the journey they go through together to finding that special name for the kitten!

In the final short story, Nelly and her pet kitten Penny share a very close relationship; so much so, that Nelly and her mother worry about Penny’s seemingly ‘poor’ eating habits. Their deep concern takes them on a search for ‘The Perfect Cat Feeder’ to encourage Penny to eat more regularly. They found the perfect cat feeder alright….but it was the last option that they ever imagined!

The close relationship between human beings and their pets has been around since time immemorial. ‘Cat Tales’ highlights this special bond and presents it in a way that can be enjoyed by the entire family.

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