Carlos the Ant (Michael Gresham Legal Thrillers Book 4)

Written by John Ellsworth
Category: · Mystery & Suspense


Start With a Bank Robber and a Legal Thriller
Carlos has a sick daughter and needs money. He’s also an upstanding citizen who pays his taxes, puts in his forty hours, doesn’t drink and carouse, and loves his wife. Still…he has nowhere else to turn. So Carlos gets money the old-fashioned way–he robs banks. The money comes pouring in but then a new man joins the crew and everything tumbles downhill. Criminal charges for armed robbery are brought against Carlos in several states and he needs a heavy hitter to defend him.

Carlos calls Michael Gresham for help and the lawyer comes to his aid. But it is going to be the meanest case of Michael’s career, as the prosecutor is a woman who means to jab the death needle in Carlos’ arm and watch him die. And she has the legal chops to do just that. But she has problems of her own–legal problems, big ones.

Add Just the Right Amount of Courtroom Thrills and Financial Intrigue
Full of bank robberies and courtroom drama, this legal financial thriller is sure to satisfy even the most ardent Michael Gresham fan as the trial lawyer walks into a courtroom where the toughest district attorney and the guiltiest client on the West Coast await him.

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“Legal thrills in the first degree!”–American Institute of Justice

Interview With Author John Ellsworth:

Q: Where did you get the bank robbery scenes? The seem very real for a writer who’s never robbed a bank.
A: But many of my clients did rob banks. The courtroom thriller is essentially the same no matter who actually robbed the bank.

Q: The book is billed as a legal thriller. Isn’t it just as much a financial thriller too?
A: Anyone who loves stories about police and the FBI and criminal law is going to love this book. It’s a book that’s heavy on detail that just makes you feel like you’re right there.

Q: Is there any plan to continue on with the Carlos character? Or the San Diego settings?
A: There are some thoughts about continuing on with Carlos and definitely with the new attorney. These are exciting characters to me and their stories are very compelling.

Q: So what comes next, more legal thrillers?
A: Probably, plus I’m re-writing a psychological thriller that I’m going to put out there. Exciting times for me and my readers.



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