Build Social Confidence: Maximize Your Social Likability, Handle Tough Conversations Easily, Get Along with Everybody – Proven Hacks to Boost Your Charisma

Written by Zoe McKey
Category: · Business & Money

Would you like to captivate people’s attention instantly? Do you long for being liked, trusted and respected? Do you want to rule any challenging conversation and deal with difficult social situation?

How about having a captivating charisma that makes people want to befriend you?

Build Social Confidence isn’t a collection of “fake it till you make it” advice or a bunch of “just do it” good for nothing mojo. It is about building up your true, everlasting charismatic personality, and introducing it into your everyday life. Social confidence is the ultimate bridge that connects you with the rest of the people.

Get strength of character, and faith in yourself.

This book will give you “how tos” along with the “whys” with numerous real-life examples, research proven techniques and tips from the experience of a professional Communication and Social Development Coach.

What will you get by reading Build Social Confidence?

• Stop being a gray mouse, become the heart of the company.
How to connect and interact with any kind of people.
• Get rid of self-depreciating self-talks following four easy steps.
How can you make people feel important and happy.

You’ll also learn…

• The quick way to get out of your (un)sociable comfort zone.
How to transform your ego into bulletproof self-esteem.
• Crush emotional spasms.

Social confidence is not an accessory quality, but a lifelong asset that will allow you to create doors where there were only walls before.
• You will never feel awkward or uncomfortable among anybody.
You will be the leading character in your own and other’s life.
•People will respect you and open up to you easily because you deserve it.
You will become a social butterfly that people like to be around.
•You’ll be able to establish good relationships instantly and deep friendships quickly simply because you are likable.

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