Books for Kids: The Secret of the Ballet Book: (Kids Fantasy Books, Ballerina Fiction) (Kids Mystery, Fantasy Books for Kids, Ballet Stories, Dance Books, Kids Books, Books for Girls Ages 6-8 9-12)

Written by Navita Dello
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Kids Fantasy Books: The Secret of the Ballet Book (Kids Fantasy Books Ages 9-12, Kids Books Ages 9-12, Ballerina Fiction, Ballet Stories, Kids Mystery Books, Kids Books, Children’s Books, Books for Girls Ages 6-8 9-12)

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Would Sierra live to prove she is a famous-ballerina-to-be?

Sierra’s only hope of saving her ballerina dreams is an ordinary ballet book, or so it seems – until a dancer steps out of a page.

What’s more? Rosella, the ballerina, offers to train Sierra for the audition which might convince her schoolwork-obsessed mum that her daughter is a famous-ballerina-to-be. Sierra cannot believe her luck. Except that Rosella’s fate is now in her hands: if she fails to find a way to free Rosella from the magic spells of the witch who trapped her in the book, the dancer will forever have to return to the page within a few hours, whenever she comes out. But even scarier is that if Rosella misses the witch’s deadline, she will disappear.

And this is just the beginning of Sierra’s challenges …

Could Sierra overcome them, and succeed at her audition to avoid having to quit ballet school and give up dance? Would she get Rosella out of the ballet book for good? Or would Sierra end up inside the book too? Worse still, disappear?

This is a story of striving for what you feel passionate about, whatever that might be.

Not only dance fans but also other kids ages 9-12 (as well as kids ages 6-8) who enjoy tales of fantasy and magic, friendship, and mystery will find that this book is for them!

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