Books for Kids: Mariah the Brave Mermaid (Children’s Books, Kids Books, Bedtime Stories For Kids) Mermaid Book (Mermaid Stories: Kids Fantasy Books 1)

Written by Lindsey Scott

Books For Kids: Mariah the Brave Mermaid: Illustrated Kids Fantasy Books Ages 2-4 4-6 6-9 9-12 (Kids Books, Children’s Books, Bedtime Stories For Kids)

Join Mariah the Brave Mermaid on a fun filled adventure under the sea!
Mariah is a brave little mermaid who is the princess of the underwater kingdom of Olantia. There, she spends her days discovering treasures in old sunken ships, swimming with dolphins, exploring underwater caverns, and more. One day, along with her dolphin friend Squirt, she hears a cry for help coming from inside a scary old ship on the bottom of the ocean floor. This is the only shipwreck in Olantia that Mariah has not explored before. Mariah is scared to go inside the old shipwreck but she knows that there is someone trapped inside that needs her help. Will she overcome her fears to be a brave little mermaid and help someone in need?

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