Books for Kids: Lily the Little Mermaid (Mermaid Books for Kids, Children’s Books, Kids Books, Bedtime Stories For Kids) (The Mermaid Stories: Kids Fantasy Books Book 2)

Written by Lindsey Scott

Books For Kids: Lily the Little Mermaid: Illustrated Kids Fantasy Books, Mermaid Books for Girls (Kids Books, Children’s Books, Bedtime Stories For Kids)

Meet Lily the Little Mermaid
Far away in the underwater paradise of Olantia once lived a sweet little mermaid named Lily. Lily was an adventurous mermaid and loved to explore the entire ocean. One day as Lily was exploring, she finds a gold chest full of dazzling jewels. Beaming with excitement she returns home to show everyone her treasure only to find that her beloved pet jellyfish Jiggles is missing! What happened to Jiggles? Will she ever find her missing pet? What will Lily do with her fantastic treasure?

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