Books for Kids: Harmony the Happy Mermaid – Mermaid Books for Kids, Children’s Books, Kids Books, Bedtime Stories For Kids (The Mermaid Stories: Kids Fantasy Books Book 3)

Written by Lindsey Scott

Books For Kids: Harmony the Happy Mermaid – Illustrated Kids Fantasy Books, Mermaid Books for Girls (Kids Books, Bedtime Stories For Kids, Children’s Books)

Meet Harmony the Happy Mermaid
Harmony was known as the happiest mermaid in all of Olantia, the magical underwater kingdom of the mermaids. She woke up every morning excited to start her day and see what fun things were in store for her! Harmony and her pet seahorse decide to venture to the Bubble Valley, a place where all the mermaids spent hours together playing in gigantic bubbles that would float them all the way to the ocean’s surface. One day, Harmony notices a sad little mermaid who was sitting all alone, not enjoying any of the wonders that the Bubble Valley had to offer. What was wrong with her? Will Harmony the happy mermaid be able to help another mermaid in need?

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