Blood of Pioneers (Divided Decade Collection)

Written by Michelle Isenhoff

The daughter of homesteaders, Hannah longs for adventure.

Hannah craves excitement, but all local adventures dried up long ago, when her parents unpacked their wagon on the Michigan frontier. Then war breaks out and her father and brother leave to fight the Confederacy. Hannah is left at home chafing under the boredom of never-ending chores–until unscrupulous speculators set their sights on the unmanned farm. The one place she longs to leave suddenly becomes the one place she’ll risk everything to save.

A powerful story abounding in rich imagery and beautifully turned phrases, Blood of Pioneers also contains an abundance of accurate American Civil War-era context, including:

*the politics behind the national conflict
*the struggles of unmanned farms
*army camp conditions
*the effects of the Emancipation Proclamation
*common ailments of the day
*and some major Civil War battles

Blood of Pioneers is an ideal accompaniment to an American History social studies course or simply a stirring tale for young readers interested in stories of bygone days.

The Divided Decade Collection includes three stand alone stories that view the American Civil War through three different lenses. All are set within Michigan. The Candle Star features the Underground Railroad. Blood of Pioneers illustrates the trials faced on the rural homefront after the menfolk leave for war. And Beneath the Slashings is set within a Northern lumber camp filled with returning soldiers. The books can be read out of order or read alone, depending on the theme that most interests the reader (or most closely relates to a classroom curriculum). All three have been highly acclaimed by teachers and home schoolers. Each has lesson plans and additional resources available.



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